Palia Garden Planner / Palia Tools

A fan-made Garden Planner for the game Palia. Displays bonus coverage based on crops and fertilisers, and approximates the harvest value. Made on Nuxt and Vue, hosted on Vercel.

Link to Website

Is this Open-Source?

Technically no, as I’ve been hoping for an all-clear from the Palia Team. As it hasn’t arrived yet and I’m still waiting, I’ve decided to at least make the code itself publicly available for viewing for full transparency and to allow critiques/suggestions/issues/etc.

Why is this called Palia Tools?

There’s current plans to add other tools once the planner is considered feature-complete, with everything on the Road Map being ticked off. Alternatively I may start work on them as a trial attempt or to work on something else for a bit. What these tools are will depend on the current situation of community-made tools by the time the Garden Planner is at version 1.0.


Plans for the Planner are found here: Roadmap Link

Contributing Guide

See the for info

Project Setup

Made with the Nuxt minimal starter. Look at the Nuxt 3 documentation to learn more.


# npm
npm install
# pnpm
pnpm install
# yarn
yarn install

Development Server

Start the development server on http://localhost:3000:

# npm
npm run dev
# pnpm
pnpm run dev
# yarn
yarn dev


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