Uptime Nuxt


A fast, minimalistic, and powerful self-hosted monitoring tool built on modern technologies.

? This project is in the development phase, new features will be added continuously.

? How to Install

? Docker

docker run -p 80:80 -v uptime-nuxt:/app/server/data misaon/uptime-nuxt:latest

Browse to http://localhost:80 after starting.


I’ve always wanted to create a monitoring tool. The last impetus for starting this project was my dissatisfaction with the stability and functionality of the uptime-kuma tool and the unmaintained statiping. I wanted to make the most of the potential of the new Vue framework Nuxt 3, which also has support for the server layer. So that makes it a powerful tool for creating full-stack applications. I have big plans for the project, new features and technologies will be added. I will be happy if my idea of a completely robust and functional monitoring tool will be shared by the community.

? Many thanks to the Nuxt team for their great work and support.


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