JSON Forms Vuetify renderers

This is a monorepo containing the JSON Forms Vue 2 Vuetify renderers and an example application.

See jsonforms-vuetify-renderers.netlify.app for the deployed example application.

JSON Forms

See jsonforms.io and the main repository for more information about JSON Forms.

Vue2 Vuetify renderer set

See the README of the Vue 2 Vuetify renderer set for detailed instructions on how to consume and use the JSON Forms Vue 2 Vuetify renderer set.

Developer documentation

Use Node 12+

Initial setup

  • Install monorepo dependencies: npm ci
  • Hook up dependencies between packages: npm run init


  • Build the renderer set: npm run build
  • Build and watch the renderer set: npm run watch
  • Remove build artifacts: npm run clean
  • Run example app: npm run example:serve
  • Build example app for production: npm run example:build


  • For development use npm run watch combined with npm run example:serve.
  • To test production use npm run build combined with npm run example:build. Then serve the built application from example/dist with a web server of your choice, e.g. npx http-server example/dist.


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