VueBin is a pastebin for Vue.js Single File Components inspired by HasteBin with Out of the box Syntax Highlighting using Shiki and Code Formatting using Prettier. You can easily share your Vue.js SFC Code with your teammates or client by just simply sharing a simple link. It is developed using MEVN stack.

The Application is in Testing Phase and requires Performance and Security Improvements.

Getting Started

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple example steps.


  • Node.js, Vue CLI should be installed to run the application
  • You should have Local or Cloud MongoDB set up.


  • Clone the resposity by using the following command

        > git clone
  • Create a MongoDB database named vuebin and also a collection codes inside it. Replace the Connection String inside .env with the Connection String of your MongoDB instance.


  • Install the node_modules by using following commands:

        > npm install
        > cd api # Navigate to api directory
        > npm install # Install node_modules inside api directory


  • To Serve the Application locally use the following command:

        > npm run serve # To serve Vue.js CLI Application
        > cd api # Navigate to api directory
        > npm run dev # To Run Node HTTP Server


? Aizaz Ahmad