A range vue component that support one or more thumb

  • ✨ Support for one or more thumbs.
  • ? Auto-detect the type of model and display the corresponding thumb(s).
  • ? Automatically sort the model values without sorting the DOM.
  • ➕ Ability to add or remove thumbs dynamically.
  • ? Avoid duplicate thumbs by rejecting them.
  • ? Smooth movement or jump movement over the stops.
  • ? Customizable style and theme.
  • ? Render content above or below the thumb.



Quick Start

  1. Install
pnpm add vue-range-multi
  1. Use in Vue

<script setup lang="ts">
import { ref } from 'vue'
import { Range } from 'vue-range-multi'

const model = ref<number>(0)




Name Type Description Default Required
v-model:modelValue number | number[] | RangeData<T>[] model value. It will auto detect the type of model and show different thumb(s) [] true
min number minimum value 0
max number maximum value 100
step number step 1
addable boolean can add data. This will emit ‘addThumb’ false
limit number the limit can be add undefined
smooth boolean with smooth off, the thumb will only show on the stop point false
deduplicate boolean can the thumb be duplicated true
rangeHighlight boolean highlight range between min and max. This will only effect while modelValue is array and length is 2 false
showStops boolean | number whether to show dots on the track. When set to number, will only show dots while stops less than the value 12
size ‘small’ | ‘medium’ | ‘large’ track size ‘small’
thumbType ‘circle’ | ‘square’ | ‘rect’ thumb type(default ‘rect’ while size is ‘large’, otherwise ‘small’) ‘circle’ | ‘rect’
thumbSize ‘small’ | ‘medium’ | ‘large’ thumb size ‘medium’
renderTop (data: RangeData<T>) => VNode render function on the top of thumb undefined
renderTopOnActive boolean only render top function on the active thumb false
renderBottom (data: RangeData<T>) => VNode render bottom function on the bottom of thumb undefined
renderBottomOnActive boolean only render bottom function on the active thumb false


Name Type Description
add (value: number): void add event while click the track


export type RangeRenderFn<T = unknown> = (data: RangeData<T>) => VNode
export interface RangeData<T = unknown> {
  value: number
  data?: T
  disabled?: boolean
  renderTop?: RangeRenderFn<T>
  renderBottom?: RangeRenderFn<T>
export type RangeValue<T = unknown> = number | number[] | RangeData<T>[]


MIT License © 2023-PRESENT wiidede


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