Notes App

Inspired by Samsung notes. I wanted to create a web application with the same features as the Samsung notes web application.

How it works

This application is meant to work completely offline. You only need to connect to the internet when installing it or when there is a new update. The underlying tech is the indexedDB API. All your notes are stored on your device’s browser storage so clearing your browser data will also delete your notes. You can try it here

Tech used


  • Installable as a PWA
  • Works fully offline
  • Share text from other apps to this one
  • Dark mode uses the system preference
  • Super small in size (This is where we beat native apps)
  • Searchable


Light mode Dark mode Creation in dark mode With one note


  1. Clone this repositoty
  2. Install dependencies with npm install
  3. Run npm run dev and you make changes.
  4. Preview live changes on http:://localhost:3000

Contributions && suggestions

All contributions are welcome


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