DX focused utility based vue component library built on top of UnoCSS & VueUse.

Features ✨

  • ? DX Focused - Use bare minimum code to build great UI
  • ✌? Flexibility - With UnoCSS's arbitrary values and component customization, build desired UI in no time
  • ? Pure CSS Icons - Use any icon from the library you love
  • ⚙️ Configurable UI - Customize UI via configurable array instead of writing component markup again
  • ? Neat & clean design - Anu provides carefully crafted UI components to build stunning & professional UIs
  • ⚡️ Built using powerful tools - UnoCSS, VueUse & Floating UI
  • ? Written in TypeScript
  • ? Hackable - Anu is configurable via UnoCSS shortcuts. Want to create bootstrap like buttons? You can. ?

Anu means Atom in Sanskrit ⚛️

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Installation ?️

Please refer to the docs

Future ?

I will continue to develop this project if I get a positive response. I will introduce more components and amazing things like configurable array if I will be able to spend more time on OSS development.

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