A simple bottom navigation build with vue.


# npm

$ npm install bottom-navigation-vue


$ yarn add bottom-navigation-vue

import Vue from "vue";

import VueBottomNavigation from "bottom-navigation-vue";



  <VueBottomNavigation :options="options" v-model="selected" />

  import VueBottomNavigation from "bottom-navigation-vue";
  export default {
    components: { VueBottomNavigation },
    data: () => ({
      selected: 1,
      options: [
        { id: 1, icon: "fas fa-home", title: "Home", badge: 1 },
        { id: 2, icon: "fas fa-layer-group", title: "Category" },
        { id: 3, icon: "fas fa-cog", title: "Setting" },
        { id: 4, icon: "fas fa-user", title: "Account", badge: 15 },
        { id: 5, icon: "fas fa-bell", title: "Notifcation" },

Constructor Options

Key Type Description Default
value String, Number selected button null
options Array list of buttons required
color String color of the foreground #42A5F5
badgeColor String color of the button badge #FBC02D

Your options need id and icon, which is Font Awesome class.
Additionally, you can add title for buttons.
Also you can use Icon Slot and Title Slot to customize your icon and title like below.

  <VueBottomNavigation :options="options" v-model="selected">
    <template #icon="{ props }"> <v-icon>{{ props.icon }}</v-icon> </template>
    <template #title="{ props }"> <b>{{ props.title }}</b> </template>