Lab 2 – Naive gDocs

Enter your team members here:

[Leader]   ID - Name: {X}%
[Member 1] ID - Name: {Y}%
[Member 2] ID - Name: {Z}%

where X, Y, Z represent the workload and X+Y+Z = 100 .

For more details, please read docs/Lab2-gDocs.pdf .

After submission, the structure of the repo of your team should be:

+-- .gitignore
+-- code/
    +-- {your-project-code}/
    +-- (Give a brief introduction to your project)
+-- docs/
    +-- Team.txt (All the members' {ID, name} and the workload of each member)
    +-- {Design Report}  (Introduce how you design the system)
    +-- {Testing Report} (Introduce how you test the system)
    +-- Lab2-gDocs.pdf   (The lab description)


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