A simple vue animated number for Vue2, using anime.


$ npm install animated-number-vue
# OR
$ yarn add animated-number-vue
import AnimatedNumber from "animated-number-vue";

export default {
  components: {
  data() {
    return {
      value: 1000
  methods: {
    formatToPrice(value) {
      return `R$ ${value.toFixed(2)}`;


Following props are used while initialization

Note : Only value is a required prop. Others are optional

Prop Name Type Description
value (required) [ Number, String] number that will be animated
duration (optional) Number the duration of animation
delay (optional) Number the delay of animation
easing (optional) String you can found all valid values here

Callbacks props

Execute a function at the beginning, during or when an animation or timeline is completed.

Names Types Arguments Info
formatValue Function value Number A function that will manipulate the animated value
update Function animation Object Called at time = 0
run Function animation Object Called after delay is finished
begin Function animation Object Called after animation delay is over
complete Function animation Object Called only after all the loops are completed

Format Value

formatValue() is used to format the animatedValue.


update() is called on every frame while the instance is playing.


begin() is called once after the delay is finished.

Check if the animation has begun with myAnimation.began, return true or false.


run() is called every frame after the delay is finished.


complete() is called once after the animation is finished.