tmpx ?

A stupidly simple to use temporary mail host with an easy to use JSON/WS API Yes, there are hundreds of these. It’s just fun to learn new things

Core features ?

  • A simple web UI where you can generate a temp mail.
  • An easy to use Websocket/HTTP API so you can integrate it into your own stuff.

Website and email ?️

The website will be hosted on and the domain that’s for receiving mail will be

Technologies ?

It’ll be straight forward:

  • Express for an API you can interact with.
  • for the Websockets so the front-end doesn’t have to refresh.
  • An IMAP server, this stores all the mail. Why use a DB when we can just use IMAP for now.
  • imap-simple to interact with the IMAP server.

Requirements ?

  • A solid IMAP server that has a high uptime
  • A VPS with Node.js installed
  • A catch-all email address

Roadmap ?️

  • Setup a backend that can stream imap to the right places
  • An endpoint that will fetch recent mail from the IMAP server
  • A CRON that will clear the main inbox after a certain amount of time
  • Download to PDF
  • Forward mail to your own places, like a proxy
  • Connect your own domain, you’ll probably have to set something up that it arrives at our inbox.
  • Storing everything to a faster database than IMAP as soon as the mail arrives & then remove it from the mailbox to leave no traces on the place it arrived at.
  • Queuing queries so the IMAP server doesn’t get flooded with useless queries.
  • Ratelimitting based off the email address AND ip that the requests comes from.
  • Automatically reconnect when the IMAP connection drops

Backend routes

The base for the JSON-API is, it currently hosts the domain.


  • Find all mails for a certain email emailAddress


  • Pong!
  • Checks if the IMAP server is connected

Partners ?

The IMAP server will be hosted by LNGZL which is my software development agency aka it’s sponsored by myself ?

Donate domains

If you’re interested in donating a domain to the tmpx platform, first of all that’s awesome!

Simply join the official LNGZL Discord server and send me (Like#0001) a message.

Click here to join the Discord

License ⚖️

It’s licenesed under the Apache-2.0 license, check for all information.


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