Frello (Trello Clone – Frontend)


Frello is a Trello clone application built with Vue.js that helps you manage your tasks and projects effectively. You can create boards, lists and cards, and organize your tasks with ease using drag and drop.

Frello Demo


The application is deployed to and can be accessed here.


  • Create multiple boards to organize different projects
  • Create boards from templates.
  • Add lists to each board for task categorization
  • Create cards within lists to represent individual tasks
  • Drag and drop cards to change their order and move them between lists
  • Drag and drop lists
  • Edit card details, including title, description, members, due date etc…
  • Assign labels and assignees to cards for better organization
  • Add comments to cards to collaborate and discuss tasks
  • Search functionality to find specific cards or boards quickly
  • Responsive design for optimal usage on different devices

Technologies Used


This project is licensed under the MIT License.


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