Vue devtool for identifying Vue components and their SFC paths in the DOM

A Vue devtool that adds dev hints in the DOM via vue attribute
Instantly identify all Vue components in the DOM and where they're located in your codebase


  • ? Browser agnostic Minimal alternative to Vue.js devtools!
  • ?️‍♀️ No more guessing Easily identify Vue components just by inspecting the DOM!
  • ? Faster debugging Quickly determine the SFC path and start debugging!

⚡️ Pro tip: In Chrome DevTools, inspect an element with the hint attribute and enter $0.__vue__ in the console to dive into the view model and inspect the state.


npm i vue-dom-hints

:vertical_traffic_light: Setup

Install it to Vue as a plugin:

import DomHints from 'vue-dom-hints'


Disable it for production in your build:

if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production') {

Pass in options:

Vue.use(DomHints, {
  attributeName: 'hint'

⚙️ Options

  • attributeName <String> (__vue__) - the attribute name to use when adding DOM hints
  • showDevtip <Boolean> (true) - whether to show the dev tip in the console when loaded