Vue2 Calendar Component

Full calendar base on Vue2 and momentjs. Support month and week view. Custom date item style with scopeSlots.


// npm
npm install vue2-event-calendar --save

// yarn
yarn add vue2-event-calendar

Import and Usage

Common usage.

// import component
import 'vue2-event-calendar/default.css'
import Calendar from 'vue2-event-calendar'
Vue.component('Calendar', Calendar)

If your project also use moment.js, you can use the independence version.

import 'vue2-event-calendar/default.css'
import Calendar from 'vue2-event-calendar/dist/calendar-nodep.js'
Vue.component('Calendar', Calendar)
// ...
<!-- template -->
<Calendar startDate="2018-03-07" :dateData="data">
  <div slot="header-left">

    :class="['calendar-item', { 'is-otherMonth': !isCurMonth }]"
    <div class="calendar-item-name">{{}}</div>

Customize header

<!-- template -->
  <!-- constent -->
export default {
  // ...
  methods: {
    renderHeader({ prev, next, selectedDate }) {
      const h = this.$createElement

      const prevButton = h('div', {
        on: {
          click: prev
      }, ['prev'])

      const nextButton = h('div', {
        on: {
          click: next
      }, ['next'])

      return h('div', [prevButton, selectedDate, nextButton])


parameter description type default acceptable value
startDate calendar start date String, timestamp, Date new Date()
dateData calendar data, item object must have date params to match date(params key can use matchKey to modify) Object, Array
matchKey if dateData is Array, specify which key of dateData object as calendar date match key String date
locale set weekdays locale text, custom this text use weekDateShort props String en zh-cn, en
weekDateShort set body weekdays text, begin with sunday, if set this props, locale will be not work array
firstDay start day of the week, 0 to 6, 0 as Sunday Number 0 0 - 6
mode component view mode String month month, week
prefixCls component style namespace String vue-calendar
renderHeader redner function for header Function({ prev, next, selectedDate })

Event Props

parameter description params
onMonthChange trigger when calendar date change (date) parameter has two key startDay and endDay of selected month
onPrev trigger after clicking the prev button same as onMonthChange param
onNext trigger after clicking the next button same as onMonthChange param


name description params
changeDate set calendar display month (date) accept String or Date Object


name description
header-left header left panel
header-right header right panel


name description
custom content for date item, the scope param is { isPrevMonth, isPrevLastDay, isNextMonth, isNextFirstDay, isToday, isCurMonth, data, date }


  1. ✅custom header
  2. improve unit test coverage