Vue Vine

Another style of writing Vue components.

Why this ?

There are many discussions in community that hopes for a solution that supports writing multiple Vue components in a single file. That’s why Vue Vine was born.

Vue vine was designed to provide more flexibility of managing Vue components. It’s not a replacement of Vue SFC, but a parallel solution.

Take a quick view:

Quick view

Get started

warning: For now, Vue Vine is still under heavily development. please don’t use it in production.

You can try the demo by following steps:

git clone
cd vue-vine
pnpm install

# Start watching the plugin's building
pnpm run dev

# Start Playground's Vite dev server
pnpm run play
  1. You can see the demo in http://localhost:3333/.
  2. You can add URL query ?sfc to switch back to SFC style example.
  3. You can inspect the transforming process in http://localhost:3333/__inspect/


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