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Beautiful code highlighter as Vue.js component

Beautiful code highlighter as Vue.js component


Beautiful code syntax highlighting as Vue.js component.


npm install vue-code-highlight --save

Now, you can use this module in two diferrent ways, as a component or as a directive.


In any component:

// You have to extract the component from the module
import { component as VueCodeHighlight } from 'vue-code-highlight';

 //Paste your code here

Window styles are already present in a component mode, but you will need to select and include a theme to properly highlight your code. (See the themes section.)


In your main file:

import VueCodeHighlight from 'vue-code-highlight';

Vue.use(VueCodeHighlight) //registers the v-highlight directive

And then in any Vue component:

<div v-highlight >

All markup under the div element having the following structure will be syntax highlighted.

<pre class="language-javascript">
    //your code goes here

To give the highlighter a window look in a directive mode, also don't forget to include the ./node_modules/vue-code-highlight/themes/window.css file somewhere in your app.


In order to visually higlight your code, you need to select a theme from ./node_modules/vue-code-highlight/themes/ and import it somewhere into your component/application. These are just regular prism themes, so feel free to improvise.