Cloud Sync Button

Button/progress-bar with cloud synchronization animation in vanilla JavaScript, Vue.js and Web component formats.


How to use

This component is available in three versions:

  1. Vue.js component - in the src directory
  2. Vanilla JavaScript code - in the vanilla-javascript-version directory
  3. As a Web component - in the web-component-version directory

Vanilla JavaScript version

The code is self-explanatory

Web Component version

It's built using Custom Elements - a well supported technology nowadays. For older browsers a polifill is available

<cloud-sync-button options='{
	"loadColor": "#81d427",
	"strokeColor": "#fff",
	"btnColor": "#725fdf",
	"titleStart": "Sync",
	"titleEnd": "Done"
}' />
const aBtn = document.querySelector("cloud-sync-button");

Vue version

Vue component consists of one CloudSyncButton.vue file that can be copy-pasted into your Vue.js project or can be plugged in as an NPM package:

npm install @vuesence/cloud-sync-button --save

Then you can use it in the your Vue code:

	<div id="app">
                loadColor: '#81d427',
                strokeColor: '#fff',
                btnColor: '#011e4a'

	import CloudSyncButton from "@vuesence/cloud-sync-button";

	export default {
		name: "App",
		components: {
		data() {
			return {
				syncProgress: 0,
				inSync: false,
		methods: {
			startSync() {
				this.syncProgress = 0;
				this.inSync = true;
			stopSync() {
				this.syncProgress = 0;
				this.inSync = false;
			completeSync() {
				this.syncProgress = 100;
				setTimeout(() => {
				}, 2000);

Two reactive parameters handle the button state: inSync - starts and stops the synchronization,
and syncProgress - shows the synchronization progress.

startSync, stopSync and completeSync methods are used to manage the button representation programmatically.

For more details please see an example of usage in the App.vue



Try it on

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Any bugs, issues, feature and pull requests are welcome

Please use GitHub's issue reporter or send me an email


Contribution is always welcome and recommended. Here is how:

  • Fork the repository
  • Clone to your machine
  • Make your changes
  • Create a pull request


@vuesence/cloud-sync-button package is freely distributable under the terms of the MIT license.