Change Hairstyle AI

How it works

This app is powered by:

? Replicate, a platform for running machine learning models in the cloud.

HairCLIP, an open-source machine learning model that generates images of hairstyles by text and a reference image.

Vercel, a platform for running web apps.

⚡️ Nuxt.js server-side API handlers, for talking to the Replicate API.

? Vuetify, a Vue.js component framework for the browser UI.

Run it yourself

You need a Replicate API token (and optionally an public API key). Copy the contents of .example.env into a new file in the root of your directory called .env and insert the API key(s) there, like this:

# Get your Replicate API token at
NUXT_REPLICATE_API_TOKEN=<put your token here>

# Optional, if you're planning to use
NUXT_PUBLIC_UPLOAD_API_KEY=<put your key here>

Then, install the dependencies and run the local development server:

npm install
npm run dev

Open http://localhost:3000 in your web browser. Done!

One-click deploy

Deploy this project using Vercel:

Deploy with Vercel


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