Custom your personal dashboard from some components.

Writed by Vue3, Vite, Typescript.


  • ‚ú®Build in responsive, Custom drag to layout.
  • ?Two mode to layout, based on document flow or fixed mode.
  • ?The component will be configurable, includes it's function or style.
  • ?Data export for random key or json file.
  • ?Pick up a default theme when first enter.
  • ?Chrome extension is ready.
  • ?Service worker is supported to cache the static source.
  • ?Dynamic wallpaper is ready, config a video url in background setting.
  • ?Desktop application is ready.(Base on Electron)


  • Empty
  • Clock
  • Verse
  • Search
  • Collection
  • Iframe
  • TodoList
  • Weather
  • CountDown
  • Juejin
  • Weibo
  • GithubTrending

Chrome extension mode

  • Chrome extension is ready.
  • Download crx file
  • But maybe you need to unzip the file and load it as a folder in chrome devlopment mode.

Desktop application mode

Something todo


All for MIT