CVs Management Application

A small application using the microservices architecture and Natural Language Processing field manages interviewees’ CVs more efficient.

  • Can’t access the frontend service if I create the container by running the docker-compose file.

  • Can’t create the search-engine-service service because it can’t install the numpy library if I create the container by running the docker-compose file. image

  • Haven’t used a database.

  • Current results:

    • Each microservices work well when testing each microservice individually.

    • Interviewees can upload CVs and their information to the application via the frontend-microservice. image

    • Interviewers can manage CVs and folders by using the user interface.

      • See all folders: image
      • See all CVs of a folder: image
      • See detail of a CV: image
      • After clicking the “More detail” button: image
      • See the form that will be sent to Interviewees: image
    • Interviewers can manage CVs via the cv-microservice. image

    • Interviewers can manage CVs’ folder via the folder-microservice. image

    • The application can preprocessing text via the preprocessing-microservice. image

    • The application can convert text into a vecto using TF-IDF via the inverted-index-microservice. image

    • The application can search for CVs with a query via the search-engine-microservice.

    Plans for future:

    • Using databases to manage data.
    • Implementing the job recommendation function for CVs.


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