Vue File selector

File selector with validation that supports drag-n-drop for Vuejs.


Run the command

npm i vue-file-selector@latest


Please see Demo project for full example.

Declare the plugin

// import the library
import FileSelector from 'vue-file-selector';

// then use it!

Use in Vue file

      :max-file-size="5 * 1024 * 1024"
      Select image files

export default {
  name: 'App',
  methods: {
    handleFilesValidated(result, files) {
      console.log('Validation result: ' + result);

    handleFilesChanged(files) {
      console.log('Selected files: ');


Name Default Description
default Select Content of the Select button.
loader Loading... Content of loading state.
top (empty) Top section content, above the Select button.
bottom (empty) Bottom section content, below the Select button.


Name Type Default Description
multiple Boolean false Allow multiple files selected.
isLoading Boolean false Show or hide the loading section (slot: loader).
acceptExtensions String (empty) List of file extensions accepted. Each extension separated by a comma (,). E.g. accept-extensions=".zip,.rar".
maxFileSize Number NaN Maximum size in byte of every single file allowed. E.g. :max-file-size="2*1024*1024" (only the files that ≤2 MB are allowed).
height Number NaN The height of droppable section.
validateFn Function -> Boolean () => true A custom validation function that returns boolean value.


1. @validated

Occurs after the selected files validated.

Function(result: String | Boolean, files: FileList): void
  • result: validation result,
    • returns true if the file validation is valid, else
    • returns false or Error codes (string).
  • files: list of files validated.

2. @changed

Occurs if the selected files pass validation.

Function(files: FileList): void
  • files: list of files validated.

Error codes

List of error codes returned after validation.

Code Error description
EXTENSION_ERROR The selected files contain invalid extensions.
FILE_SIZE_ERROR The selected files size exceeded limit.
MULTIFILES_ERROR Multiple files selection is not allowed.