Vue Hotkeys

Smoothly implements keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) in Vue applications.

Getting started

Install the component as a dependency of your project.

$ npm install vue-hotkeys-rt -S

Import it to your Vue app.

import Vue from 'vue/dist/vue.js';
import Hotkeys from 'vue-hotkeys-rt';

Now use it on the Vue app.

new Vue({
  components: { Hotkeys },

Handling pressed keyboard shortcuts

Vue Hotkeys emits the triggered event always a shortcut is pressed. So, everything you need to do is define a handler that will take an action depending on the pressed keys.

<template >
  <div >
      :shortcuts="['S', 'D']"

<script lang="ts">
import Hotkeys from 'vue-hotkeys-rt';

export default {
  components: { Hotkeys },

  methods: {
    onTriggeredEventHandler(payload) {
      console.log(`You have pressed CMD (CTRL) + ${payload.keyString}`);