The goal of jsmod is to provide a high degree of freedom (high scalability) ui components, and unified desktop and mobile usage, is a client-side component library

Install && Usage

1. Use webpack

npm install jsmod-pc-vue --save

import Vue from 'vue'
import JSMOD from 'jsmod-pc-vue'


2. Use script (not recommend)

link to jsmod-pc-vue, download lib/jsmod.pc.js import to your page

3. Use multiple languages

only en zh two options, the default language for the Chinese

3.1. setting on install

  Vue.use(Jsmod, {
    lang: 'en'

3.2. change in code


Design for client-side, High scalability && freedom

compared to the cms component, jsmod doesn't provide many specific ui components, but every componet has rich apis for your custom style, easy to combine.

Minimal Size

  1. remove grid font icons (client-side products often have their own UI standards) focus to provide highly scalable components
  2. keep minimal size(gizp 40k)