Highlight Code for Vue.js

Import the npm package and only one prop to show highlightCode

vue 3

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yarn add highlight.js vue-highlight-code

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1. use in Vue3

Install the vue-highlight-code package from NPM and highlight.js:

yarn add highlight.js vue-highlight-code

import the component and style

import { HighCode } from 'vue-highlight-code';
import 'vue-highlight-code/dist/style.css';
export default {
    components: {


Component Props

prop description type default
codeValue Highlight Code Source String ''
lang Highlight Code Type String javascript (such as ‘vue’,’html’,’css)
theme Component Highlight Code theme String default: dark(only [‘dark’,’light’])
codeLines Show Code lines Boolean false
langName Highlight Code Name (Upper left corner display) String
width component style width String 620px
height component style height String
maxWidth component style max-width String
maxHight component style max-heightString String
fontSize highlight code font-size Number
scrollStyleBool component scroll bar style Boolean true
copy whether the code can copy Boolean true


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