K8ssandra Configuration Builder

This repository configures K8ssandra yaml files with a custom UI running at start.k8ssandra.io.


There are helpful links and mouse-over tooltips to help guide users through the configuration experience. Additional documentation for k8ssandra and related services can be accessed at docs.k8ssandra.io.


Select a pre-set template based on your needs or configure a custom yaml from scratch. After completing the required Cluster, Topology, and Node fields, Advanced Settings may be customized to your use case. Stargate, Repair, Backup & Restore, as well as Monitoring services can be enabled and included within the output, as desired.

Running the App Locally

In the root directory, run nvm use to use the correct version of node. If prompted, it may need to be installed first. In that case, run nvm use again after installing. Then, run npm install.

To get the application up and running, run npm run serve.

For a production build, run npm run build.


The start.k8ssandra.io configurator is an open source tool released under the Apache 2.0 license.