Vue Cookies Consent

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Nice and clean Vue component to display message about cookies

? Installation


npm install --save @norvikit/vue-cookies-consent


yarn add @norvikit/vue-cookies-consent

? Usage

    <template #title>Some default title for window</template>
    <template #description>
      <p>Some description in window</p>
    <template #button>Accept cookies</template>

  import VueCookiesConsent from '@norvikit/vue-cookies-consent'
  export default {
    components: {

? Props

Prop Type Description Example
colorTitle String Color of window title color-title="#000000"
colorDescription String Color of window description color-description="#000000"
colorButton String Color of button text color-button="#FFFFFF"
backgroundWindow String Background of window background-window="#FFFFFF"
backgroundButton String Background of button background-button="#C11E31"
backgroundButtonHover String Background of button on hover state background-button-hover="#de2b40"
hasShadow Boolean Window has shadow :has-shadow="true"
borderRadius Number Border radius of window in px :border-radius="16"
offsetY Number Offset of window by Y in px :offset-y="16"
offsetX Number Offset of window by X in px :offset-x="16"
position String Position of window: top or bottom position="top"
saveMethod String Method to save window state after accept: ls or cookies save-method="cookies"

? Events

Event Description Example
shown Fired after window is shown @shown="someMethod"
accept Fired after accept button is clicked @accept="someMethod"
lsSaved Fired after window state saved to localStorage @ls-saved="someMethod"
cookiesSaved Fired after window state saved to Cookies @cookies-saved="someMethod"
hidden Fired after window is hidden @hidden="someMethod"


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