Nuxt Starter Kit

Nuxt Starter Kit is an opinionated boilerplate based off of Nuxt3(beta), with all the bells and whistles you would want ready, up and running when starting a Nuxt project to play and experiment with. Out of the box you get all the essentials

  • Typescript as the language choice
  • Tailwind CSS for quick styling without getting out of your HTML
  • Daisy UI for pre-made TailwindCSS component classes
  • Tailwind UI for robust headless logic you can use for components like Dialog/Modal, Dropdown, List, etc.
  • FontSource for effortless custom font integration
  • Icons through Unplugin for thousands of icons as components that are available on-demand and universally
  • ESLint(added but it’s currently failing due to #171) and
  • Prettier for static code analysis and code formatting

with Supabase support landing soon!

and a bunch of pre-made, hand-rolled(easily replace-able) components, that you almost always end up installing/using for any non-trivial project

  • Button Button with DaisyUI style support for all the basic use cases
  • Alert/Toast to notify your users of the outcome of an event – success, errorordefault` is supported
  • Modal(WIP) as you always come back to `em
  • Loaders for reporting the progress of an API call + a page load

Known Issues

  • ESLint – Once the issue is resolved you can add

        "*.+(js|ts|vue)": [
            "yarn run lint"

in package.json under the lint-staged section for linting on commits


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