Fashion Club

Fashion Club is the best open-source eCommerce platform.

Key features

  • Fashion Club runs on nest js with an MySQL backend database.
  • Fashion Club is cross-platform, and you can run it on Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • Fashion Club support PostgreSQL and MySQL database.
  • All methods in Fashion Club are async.

Fashion Club architecture follows well-known software patterns and the best security practices. The source code is fully customizable. Pluggable and clear architecture makes it easy to develop custom functionality and follow any business requirements.

The advantages of working with Fashion Club

The Web API plugin by the Fashion Club team lets you build integrations with third-party services or mobile applications using REST. The Web API plugin is available with source code and covers all methods of Fashion Club: backend and frontend.

Friendly members of the Fashion Club community will always help with advice and share their experiences. Fashion Club core development team provides professional support within 24 hours.

Store demo

Evaluate the functionality and convenience of Fashion Club as a customer and store owner.

Front End Admin area

Creating a project

You can get this repository with :

gh repo clone ThamerAyachi/Fashion-club

This will create an Open Commerce project in the directory . Once this is complete, navigate to the project directory:

cd Fashion-club

Install the project dependencies in server side:

cd server
npm install

Install the project dependencies in client side:

cd client
npm install

Start client side in directory named /client:

npm run server

Finally, start the server in development mode (in directory /serve):

npm run start:dev


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