Pixelic Overlay [BETA]

First usage

  1. Open the Overlay and select your corresponding Client. (If you don’t have any of the implemented Clients, select Vanilla or select Custom to enter the path for the log file.
  2. Join my Discord and use the /api-key Command in any Channel to generate an API-Key.
  3. After you generated the API-Key input that key into the Pixelic-API Key field and enter your Username in Username field in the Overlay Settings.
  4. Join any Bedwars Game and the Overlay should start to work as expected.


General features

  • Shows stats of players in your lobby in seconds
  • Works with Lunarclient, Badlion, Vanilla and any custom selected log file.
  • Resizable, movable, and minimizable
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Shows nicked players
  • Color-coded Stats in terms of skill level
  • Detailed Statistics Page where you can view your daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly Stats.


  • Hypixel Username or UUID » Needed to show your Stats by default in the Overlay and Statistics Page
  • Pixelic-API Key » Required to access proxied Hypixel API data from the Pixelic-API
  • Bedwars Gamemode » Allows you to set the Gamemode which Stats should be shown. Supported are Overall, Cores, Solos, Doubles, Threes, Fours and 4v4
  • Client » Allows you to set the Client to automatically find you log file
  • Custom Log File » Only shows up when the Client is set to Custom. This field allows you to enter a path for your custom log file
  • Overlay Stats » Allows you to select the Stats you want to be shown in the Overlay. Supported are WS, Wins, WLR, Finals, FKDR and BBLR
  • Hide Overlay Ingame » Automatically hides the Overlay after the game has started. Shows up again once you enter a new Queue.
  • Theme » Allows you to select one of the default themes or set it to custom to fully customize the theme. By default you can choose between Dark, White and Sakura Themes.
  • Discord RPC » Toggle whether to show that you are using the Overlay on Discord. Shown Information includes your daily, weekly, monthly and lifetime Stats.
  • Developer Mode » Enables the Chrome Dev Tools and shows extra Tags after a Playername. Those Tags include the CF-Cache-Status and PX-Cache-Status Header for detailed Information about the data fetch.


Overlay Page


Statistics Page

Preview Preview


The Pixelic Overlay is made by Pixelic. Join the Discord to stay updated or to ask any questions.


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