ProgressBar for vue.js
SVG/Vector based
3 modes: Line, Circle and Cylinder

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npm install vuejs-progress-bar --save

Import: (in your main.js)

import ProgressBar from 'vuejs-progress-bar'


Use: (in your local .vue file/component, html section)


<!-- Options struct: -->
options: {
  text: {
    color: '#FFFFFF',
    shadowEnable: true,
    shadowColor: '#000000',
    fontSize: 14,
    fontFamily: 'Helvetica',
    dynamicPosition: false,
    hideText: false
  progress: {
    color: '#2dbd2d',
    backgroundColor: '#C0C0C0'
  layout: {
    height: 35,
    width: 140,
    verticalTextAlign: 61,
    horizontalTextAlign: 43,
    zeroOffset: 0,
    strokeWidth: 30,
    progressPadding: 0,
    type: 'line'


Name Type Default Description
value Number 0 Value of progressbar %
color String #FFFFFF Text color
shadowEnable String true Text shadow enable
shadowColor String #000000 Text shadow color
hideText Boolean false Hide text (%)
fontSize String 14px Font size of % text
fontFamily String Helvetica Font family text
dynamicPosition Boolean false Progress text % follow progress bar
color String #2dbd2d Progress color, use hex or rgb
backgroundColor String #C0C0C0 Background color, use hex or rgb
width Number 140 Width
height Number 35 Height, use strok for progress height
verticalTextAlign Number 61 Positioning of % text vertical
horizontalTextAlign Number 43 Positioning of % text horizontal
zeroOffset Number 0 Offset for zero (0%) for line progress bar
strokeWidth Number 30 Width of background of progress
progressPadding Number 0 Padding between background and progress bar (line only)
type String line type of progress bar, line, circle or cylinder