Vue js components styleguide generator

For purpose of having a demo of your Vuejs components please take a look at following projects that do really great job and are really handy for you dev workflow with Vuejs: storybook for vuejs and vue-styleguidist.

Initially started after reading this vue.js feature request. Now only basic proof of concept is available which can load folder with .vue files, parse it and extract basic props of it.

Target is to have some tool with at least some of the React version capabilities.

Idea is to have what vue-play does but in automated way - with one task run, plus READMEs, etc.

Generate single html file containing all components listed with details and search out from your .vue project files.

Questions & bugs

  • General questions please ping me on twitter @legkoletat.
  • Bugs and inconsistencies please create an issue . Please concider to adding more information on what is the codebase you're running the generator against, what errors (with code, if applicable) you got. To keep issues list clean and relevant issues with no feedback/details/activity will be closed within 3 days.