⚠️ Tovy is in early beta right now. Features are not complete and bugs may occur

Tovy, a staff management system for Roblox groups


Tovy is an open source staff management platform inspired by Hyra. It allows Roblox groups to manage their group members in a more intuitive and powerful way, while still being simple to use.

Why consider

  • Beautifully-crafted and responsive frontend
  • Packed with a lot of features, such as…

    • Creating custom roles and invite users by a link
    • Bulk manage your group members
    • Track your members’ group activity
    • Assign your staff members tasks
    • Automate things with Tovy
    • Warn, promote, demote, and way more to your members
    • Ban bad actors from your game
    • Communicate with your members directly in Tovy
    • Host sessions without causing a burden
    • Modify member’s rank with Tovy’s API, and a lot more.
  • Frontend written in JS with Vue, backend written in JS with Express
  • Completely open source



Tovy is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license


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