Utopian.io v2

This repository is the home of the new Utopian.io frontend. Vue.JS & Quasar Framework based.


This is a early-stage project, meaning changes happens fast. Before putting work contributing, be sure to open a
proper issue to discuss your intention and receive proper advice.

Project Details.

Some information about this project.


So far, the frontend is completely client-side only, meaning no server is required to run the application. Anything that
can be client-side, without server dependency, should be.

Coding Standards.

  • Keep components minimal.
  • Security is the primary concent.
  • Javascript Standard Style (enforced by ESLint)
  • PUG (ex-Jade) templates.


The application, does not store credentials on server. Instead, SteemConnect implict grant is used and the token lives
on client-side only, and the client side is the soly responsible for broadcasting operations.

Any sensitive data stored on browser is strongly encrypted with AES-256-GCM though WebCrypto API.

A secret encryption key is handled by the browser, in a non-exportable manner, meaning the local encryption keys (which
are safely randomic) are not visible, not even for the application.

It means a browser security breach would be required to compromise the data.

Also, care is taken on the actual token handling, SteemConnect and any other broadcasting drivers are deep cloned before
operations, and the cloned instances are destroyed after usafe (avoid having tokens on memory at any time, every action
requires decryption-usage-zeromem).

PIN codes for PBKDF2 derivations are a secondary goal.

@TODO improve encryption process documentation.


Be sure to have a .env file on the project root folder. The same can be created using .env.example as base.

Install dependencies.
yarn install
Run Development Server
yarn dev
Production Builds
yarn build