Vue Select Image

Vue 2.x component for selecting image from list.


# Yarn
yarn add vue-select-image

npm i vue-select-image --save

How to use


import VueSelectImage from 'vue-select-image'
// add stylesheet

Register components

components: { VueSelectImage }

Register as global component


Sample Array Image

  id: '1',
  src: '',
  alt: 'Alt Image 1'
}, {
  id: '2',
  src: '',
  alt: 'Alt Image 2'
}, {
  id: '2',
  src: '',
  alt: 'Alt Image 2',
  disabled: true
Field Description
id Unique id for each image, will also set for id attribute on image DOM
src Src attribute for image
alt Alt attribute for image
disabled Image disabled, can not be select


Single Selection


onselectimage will return emitted with parameter object image selected

Multiple Selection


onselectmultipleimage will return emitted with parameter list of object images selected

Available Props

Attribute Type Default Description
:dataImages Array [] Array of images that will be shown
:selectedImages Array [] Array of initial selected images
:isMultiple Boolean false Flag to enable multiple selection
:useLabel Boolean false Flag to enable showing alt as label
:rootClass String vue-select-image Class for root element of this component
:activeClass String --selected Class for active state, will concat with :rootClass
:h String auto Height of images, ex: '50px'
:w String auto Width of images, ex: '50px'
:limit Number 0 To set maximum images can be select

Available Events

Events Attr Return
@onselectimage Object image selected
@onselectmultipleimage Array of object image has been selected
@onreachlimit When the length of selected images reach the limit

Useful Methods (from v1.6.0)

Sometimes you need to access our internal methods via $refs, you need to know this methods:

Methods Name Use for
removeFromSingleSelected() Reset selected image in single selection mode
removeFromMultipleSelected() Remove from selected list in multiple selection mode
resetMultipleSelection(id) Reset all selected list in multiple selection mode
isExistInArray(id) Will return object image if exist, undefined if not exist


Example can be found here :