Vue Muscle Group Selector

Wrapper for Vue3 with super powers of muscle group selector made by Ryan M. Poe.

Get started


npm install vue-muscle-group-selector
# or 
yarn add vue-muscle-group-selector


<script setup>
import VueMuscleGroupSelector from "vue-muscle-group-selector";
import "vue-muscle-group-selector/dist/style.css";

const handleOnSelectMuscularGroup = selection => {
  console.log(selection) // array of selection e.g ['abs']



Prop Type Description Default
allowMultiple BOOLEAN If true, the user can select multiple muscle groups, if false, the user can only select one muscle group. false
primaryColor STRING The primary color of the component, this is the color of the selected muscle groups. #03001c
initialValues ARRAY Array of muscle groups to be selected by default, this is the ID of the muscle group, not the name. []
showMusclesListHelper BOOLEAN If true, the helper list of the muscle groups will be shown, if false, the helper list will be hidden. false
showBackMuscles BOOLEAN If true, the legs muscle groups will be shown, if false, the legs muscle groups will be hidden. true
showFrontMuscles BOOLEAN If true, the back muscle groups will be shown, if false, the back muscle groups will be hidden. true
translations OBJECT The translations of the muscle groups, the keys are the IDs of the muscle groups, the values are the names of the muscle groups. object


The component has a translations prop to set all the labels of the component, below you can view the default values of this prop.

  arms: {
    arms: "Arms",
    bicpes: "Biceps",
    deltoids: "Deltoids",
    forearms: "Forearms",
    triceps: "Triceps",
  back: {
    back: "Back",
    trapezius: "Trapezius",
    lats: "Lats",
  core: {
    core: "Core",
    abs: "Abs",
    obliques: "Obliques",
    pectorals: "Pectorals",
  legs: {
    legs: "Legs",
    adductors: "Adductors",
    calves: "Calves",
    hamstrings: "Hamstrings",
    glutes: "Glutes",
    quads: "Quads",


Event Description
onSelect This event is dispatched when the user selects any muscular group and returns an array of the selection.

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