Vue DateFormat

Vue-DateFormat is a component designed to format dates in a Vue.js application. It simple takes in a Date or String and converts it via toLocaleString() with different options passed in depending on your props.


npm i @voidsolutions/vue-dateformat

Usage as a global component

In your main.js file, import the component and register it as a global component.

import { createApp } from 'vue'
const app = createApp(App)

import DateFormat from '@voidsolutions/vue-dateformat'



In your template, use the component as follows:

<date-format :date="new Date()" />


Prop Type Default Description
date String or Date new Date() The date to be formatted
no-days Boolean false If true, the day of the month will not be displayed
no-month Boolean false If true, the month will not be displayed
short-month Boolean false If true, the month will be abbreviated
no-year Boolean false If true, the year will not be displayed
has-time Boolean false Whether to show a time component
classes String 'vs-date' Classes to be applied to the <span>
locales String or Array navigator.languages The locale to be used for formatting


Here are some examples for you to become familiar with our date formatter.

No Props

<date-format :date="1/1/2020" />

Output: 1 January 1970

No days, Short month

<date-format :date="1/1/2020" no-days short-month />

Output:  Jan 2020

Custom Styling

You can also use the classes prop to pass any specific class over to the <span> tag, just on the off chance you need something like that.


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