Vueclid is a cutting-edge library designed for Vue.js, empowering developers to craft stunning and interactive math diagrams effortlessly. Whether you're illustrating complex equations or simplifying mathematical concepts, Vueclid brings simplicity and elegance to the world of math diagrams in Vue 3.


  1. Pixel Perfect Precision: Vueclid harnesses the power of SVG to deliver math diagrams with pixel-perfect precision. No matter the resolution, your diagrams will look crisp and clear, ensuring a visually appealing experience.
  2. Light and Dark Mode Harmony: Seamlessly switch between light and dark modes with Vueclid. Tailor the colors to your preference in both modes, providing a comfortable viewing experience for users in any environment.
  3. Reactive Magic: Leverage the full potential of Vue's reactivity system to bring your diagrams to life. Vueclid makes it a breeze to animate your diagrams, creating a dynamic and engaging user experience with minimal effort.
  4. Configurable Color Palette: Customize the color palette for your diagrams to match your application's theme. Vueclid is designed to be flexible, allowing you to achieve the perfect aesthetic for your mathematical visualizations.
  5. Vue 3 Compatibility: Vueclid is built specifically for Vue 3, ensuring compatibility with the latest version of the Vue.js framework. Take advantage of Vue 3's features while creating beautiful math diagrams.
  6. Delightfully Simple: Vueclid simplifies the process of building math diagrams. Its clean and intuitive API empowers developers to focus on expressing mathematical concepts without the unnecessary complexity.

Whether you're an educator illustrating lessons, a developer building a math-focused application, or anyone in between, Vueclid is the go-to solution for creating delightful and interactive math diagrams in Vue.js. Elevate your mathematical visualizations with Vueclid today!