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A simple FOSS video streaming client aimed to recreate ALL features from their respective apps (and more)

  • Pronounced View Tube





  • ? Themes: Light, Dark, OLED
  • ?️ Customizable UI: You can fully customize the accent color, and other parts of the UI to remove features that you don’t use!
  • ⬆️ Auto Update: Be notified when an update is available & downgrade if you dislike it!
  • ?️ Tracking Protection: No telemetry is sent from your device to YouTube


  • ? Advanced Search
  • ?️ Locally store watch history
  • ? A custom video player
  • ✂️ Shorts
  • ? Google account sign in
  • ?️ Picture in picture mode
  • and more!

Why am I doing this?

Well this has been thrown around on the Return Youtube Dislike discord server for quite some time, so I figured that I should probably take a crack at it!

Also, YouTube Vanced just shut down


VueTube Update Manager

VueTube Settings

Want to contribute?

Please read this for some more information to get started.


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