#Link website: https://weather-infor.netlify.app/


Hi this a the project that I’ve made after learning vuejs for a week when I’m on internship at IRC, all the design make by me


  • Animation: background changing and text color changing
  • Show alert when city not found
  • Find and show weather information of the city

How to use

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install node modules: npm i
  3. Run the localhost: npm run serve
  • If you want to build the project to have html file: npm run build

Some result

Screenshot 2023-03-05 131014

  • Alert when not found the city Screenshot 2023-03-05 131046
  • Short overview Screenshot 2023-03-05 131103
  • Expand to show more informaton Screenshot 2023-03-05 131112


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