A simple SQL database query tool, built using Wails (Go & Vue.js)

Currently only supports MSSQL, other SQL databases will be supported in the future.

QuickQuery screenshot


Download the latest version from the releases page, it’s a standalone executable that doesn’t need installation.

Currently only built for Windows, if there’s a request for Linux or MacOS I may setup a workflow to build for it. Alternatively, you can use the instructions provided in the following section to build it yourself from the source code on your system.

Build locally

1- Follow these instructions to install Wails and its dependencies (Go & NPM + Node)

2- Clone this repo :

git clone https://github.com/mmghv/QuickQuery.git

3- Run the build command in the project directory

wails build

You can find all build options here.


  • Build for other platforms.
  • Add support for MySQL and SQLite.
  • Add connection sessions feature.
  • Add multiple query tabs feature.
  • Add Export to excel feature.
  • Add Dark Mode feature.


Copyright © 2023 Mohamed Gharib, Released under the MIT license.


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