? Features

  • Support query history (pagination, clear all, etc.)
  • Support selected sql clauses query
  • Support terminating query
  • Support table management
    • Delete table operation
    • Get ddl operation
    • Get table preview data operation
    • Rename table operation
  • Support column management
    • Add column operation
    • Delete column operation
    • Get column info operation
    • Modify column operation
    • Rename column operation
  • Support database management (delete, create)
  • Support custom query
  • Support multiple data sources management(connection test, monitoring)
  • Support customized appearance
  • Support monitor (processor, connection, query)
  • Support migrate data

? Download

⚙️ Installation

macOS and Windows

  • Download zip from here.
  • Unzip the archive, and install to macOS Applications.

Other platforms

Install other versions?

?️ Build from source

  1. Install dependencies

npm install -g node-sass

yarn install
  1. Build electron app for production

yarn run build
  1. Install from built zip: ./build/dbm-<OS>.*

  2. Run dev mode

yarn run dev


npm start


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