Vue.js in Web Worker

This is a starter app of Vue.js working in Web Worker using WorkerDOM, bundled by Rollup.js. This allows Vue.js to offload its work to a background thread and send updates back to the main thread asynchronously, which should greatly increase rendering performance. See this blog post for details.


Compare these rendering performance tests:


Develop you Vue.js app as always, using main.js as an entry point. In index.html, add a wrapper around #app pointing to main.js and inject worker-dom.js library like this:

<main src="dist/main.js">
  <div id="app"></div>
<script src="dist/worker-dom.js"></script>


First run npm install to set up the project. To build the files in dest folder, run npm run build or rollup -c. Then start the local web server e.g. python -m http.server and go to http://localhost:8000. Your index.html page should load worker-dom.js, which should asynchronously fetch and load both worker.mjs and main.js modules into Web Worker.


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