v-hide is a Vue.js 2 directive that allows for conditional rendering maintaining rendered layout space in the DOM. Simply put… v-hide will add visibility: hidden; or visibility: visible styles based on a boolean vue expression

Live Demo V-Hide Demo


Vue.js provides you with two conditional rendering options; v-if and v-show. v-if will competely remove an item from the DOM. v-show will set display: none style which hides your item and removes it from the rendering of the DOM.

The key feature v-hide provides is to allow conditional rendering but also include the items dimensions if it is hidden. More specifically v-hide will set the style visibility: hidden; or visibility: visible. This may help with some layouts. See the Live Demo V-Hide Demo to show the conditional rendering options.


npm install @ventralnet/v-hide --save

import '@ventralnet/v-hide' // in your main vue entrypont


<div v-hide="isThisHidden"></div>

Sample Use

   <div v-hide="isHidden">Hi!</div>

import '@ventralnet/v-hide'  // Import vHide in your main entry point after importing Vue
                            // vHide will automatically add itself as a directive to the global Vue object
export default {
  data() {
    return {
      isHidden: false,


npm install
npm run test:unit
npm run serve # Serves the sample demo
npm run build # builds the library module to dist/
npm run build-example # builds the example site to dist/example


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