A vue component used to format date with time ago statement.

  • Localization supported
  • Show tooltip
  • Auto refresh time
  • When time refresh call a customizable function
  • Formats a date/timestamp to:
    • just now
    • 5m
    • 3h
    • 2 days ago
    • 2017-08-03
  • Rules:
    • less than 1 minute , show just now
    • 1 minute ~ 1 hour , show ** minutes ago
    • 1 hour ~ 1 day , show ** hours ago
    • 1 day ~ 1 month( 31 days ) , show ** days ago
    • more than 1 month( 31 days ) , show yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm


Get from npm / yarn:

npm i vue2-timeago
yarn add vue2-timeago

or just include vue2-timeago.js to your view like

<script src='[email protected]/dist/vue2-timeago.js'></script>


Use this inside your app:

import TimeAgo from 'vue2-timeago'

export default {
  name: 'app',
  components: {
With Default CSS
You don't need include for version >= "1.2.2"
import 'vue2-timeago/dist/vue2-timeago.css'

or just include vue2-timeago.css

<time-ago :refresh="60" :datetime="new Date(2018, 7, 4, 0, 24, 0)" locale="zh_TW" tooltip></time-ago>


1. locale

Default locale is en, and the library supports en and zh_TW.

<time-ago locale="en"></time-ago> 
<time-ago :locale="locale"></time-ago> use v-bind
export default {
2. datetime
<time-ago datetime="2018-08-03 15:47:00"></time-ago> 
<time-ago :datetime="new Date(2018, 7, 4, 0, 24, 0)"></time-ago> use v-bind
<time-ago :datetime="1533286641826"></time-ago> timestamp
  • Note. Don't bind with new Date() when you use refresh property.
    Because every time refresh will get a new date value.

    <time-ago :datetime="new Date(2018, 7, 4, 0, 24, 0)"></time-ago>  --> OK
    <time-ago refresh :datetime="new Date()"></time-ago> --> not OK

    If you want use new Date() , just remove datetime property.

    <time-ago refresh></time-ago>
3. refresh
<time-ago refresh></time-ago> Boolean , default refresh time 60/s
<time-ago :refresh="3600"></time-ago> bind value with a number
4. tooltip
  • Base on v-tooltip, you can use placement attribute that are allowed in v-tooltip.
<time-ago tooltip></time-ago> Show tooltip 
<time-ago tooltip="right"></time-ago> Set placement
5. long
<time-ago :datetime="datetime"></time-ago> show : 2d
<time-ago :datetime="datetime" long></time-ago> show : 2 days ago
6. todo

You can do something when time refresh every time

<time-ago :refresh="1" :locale="locale" :todo="()=> count+=1"></time-ago>
7. native event
<time-ago @click.native="todo"><time-ago/>


Property Type Default Description
datetime Date, String, Number new Date() The datetime to be formatted.
locale String en message language
refresh Boolean, Number false The period to update the component, in seconds. When true it will be 60s. Also you can bind a number.
long Boolean false Show long string with time message . ex. 3h -> 3 hours age
tooltip Boolean, String false Show tooltip.
todo Function false You can call a function when time refresh every time.