Laravel Vue i18n

laravel-vue-i18n is a Vue3 plugin that allows to connect your Laravel Framework JSON translation
files with Vue. It uses the same logic used on Laravel Localization.


With npm:

$ npm i laravel-vue-i18n

or with yarn:

$ yarn add laravel-vue-i18n


import { createApp } from 'vue'
import { i18nVue } from 'laravel-vue-i18n'


        <h1>{{ $t('Welcome :name!', { name: 'Francisco' }) }}. </h1>
        <div>Logged in {{ $tChoice('{1} :count minute ago|[2,*] :count minutes ago', 10) }}</div>

Plugin Options

  • lang (optional): if not provided it will try to find from the <html lang="pt"> tag, if is not available it will default to en.
  • resolve (optional): The way to reach your language files.

createApp().use(i18nVue, {
    lang: 'pt',
    resolve: lang => import(`../lang/${lang}.json`),

trans(message: string, replacements: {})

The trans() method can translate a given message.

// lang/pt.json
    "Welcome!": "Bem-vindo!",
    "Welcome, :name!": "Bem-vindo, :name!",

import { trans } from 'laravel-vue-i18n';

trans('Welcome!'); // Bem-vindo!
trans('Welcome, :name!', { name: 'Francisco' }) // Bem-vindo Francisco!
trans('Welcome, :NAME!', { name: 'Francisco' }) // Bem-vindo FRANCISCO!

transChoice(message: string, count: number, replacements: {})

The transChoice() method can translate a given message based on a count,
there is also available an trans_choice alias, and a mixin called $tChoice().

// lang/pt.json
    "There is one apple|There are many apples": "Existe uma maça|Existe muitas maças",
    "{0} There are none|[1,19] There are some|[20,*] There are many": "Não tem|Tem algumas|Tem muitas",
    "{1} :count minute ago|[2,*] :count minutes ago": "{1} há :count minuto|[2,*] há :count minutos",

import { transChoice } from 'laravel-vue-i18n';

transChoice('There is one apple|There are many apples', 1); // Existe uma maça
transChoice('{0} There are none|[1,19] There are some|[20,*] There are many', 19); // Tem algumas
transChoice('{1} :count minute ago|[2,*] :count minutes ago', 10); // Há 10 minutos.

loadLanguageAsync(lang: string)

The loadLanguageAsync() can be used to change the location during the runtime.

import { loadLanguageAsync } from 'laravel-vue-i18n';

    <div>{{ $t('Welcome!') }}</div>
    <button @click="loadLanguageAsync('pt')">Change to Portuguese Language</button>


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