Vue 3 Carousel

Modern lightweight Vue 3 carousel component.


  • [x] Responsive breakpoints
  • [x] Mouse/touch dragging
  • [x] Infinity scroll (wrapping around)
  • [ ] Auto play
  • [ ] RTL
  • [ ] Vertical scroll
  • [ ] Sync multiple carousel
  • [ ] Enrich a11y

Getting started


First step is to install it using yarn or npm:

npm install vue3-carousel

# or use yarn
yarn add vue3-carousel

Basic Using

  <carousel :items-to-show="1.5">
    <slide v-for="slide in 10" :key="slide">
      {{ slide }}

    <template #addons>
      <navigation />
      <pagination />

// If you are using PurgeCSS, make sure to whitelist the carousel CSS classes
import 'vue3-carousel/dist/carousel.css';
import { Carousel, Slide, Pagination, Navigation } from 'vue3-carousel';

export default {
  name: 'App',
  components: {

Available Props

Prop Default Description
itemsToShow 1 count of items to showed per view (can be a fraction).
initialSlide 0 index number of the initial slide.
wrapAround false enable infinite scrolling mode.
snapAlign 'center' controls the carousel position alignment, can be 'start', 'end', or 'center'
transition 300 sliding transition time in ms.
settings { } an object to pass all settings.
breakpoints null an object to pass all the breakpoints settings.