Notalgic – NOTe tAker for nostaLGIC

Take note in a different (vintage) way



For whom codes all the day ⌨️, and old-fashioned people! ?️

Notalgic is a very useful web app that’s basically create notes but in a different way! It makes possibile access to your Google account in order to write stunning text. Available in any (vintage) font – more than 25! – and different stunning led neon colors!

The web app takes the user by the hand and guides him towards infinite cascades of words: writers, coders, artists, students, come here! There’s an app for you!


A (very) strange tale… ⏳

  1. VUE 3
  2. Pinia
  3. Typescript
  4. Vite
  5. Nginx
  6. Linode
  7. Firebase

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MIT License

Hashnode, Linode, Linode Hackathon

MIT license


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