You Got This!

You Got This! is a learning hub focused on core skills needed for a happy and healthy work life. We run several community events each year, and add content every few weeks to our library.

Website screenshot showing the project desciprtion and three collection tiles.

This platform is a Nuxt 2 project with Nuxt Content v1. You will need to know Vue.js to contribute to the platform, but content is written entirely in markdown and does not require knowledge of Vue.js.

Set Up

The suggested way to get started with contributing to either content or the overall paltform is through using GitPod.

Open in Gitpod

You can also manually set up this project locally:

# Clone this repo

# Enter the directory

# Install depdendencies
npm install

# Serve with live reload
npm run dev

# Build for production
npm run generate

Core Concepts

Concept Description Related Files
People Speakers at events, attached to library items and EventSession components content/peoplepages/peoplecomponents/peoplecomponents/events/EventSession.vue
Events Event listings and pages content/eventspages/eventscomponents/events
Library Articles and videos. Has people. Can have sponsors. content/librarypages/librarycomponents/library
Collections Groups of library items. Can have sponsors. content/collectionspages/collectionscomponents/collections
Sponsors Orgs that support You Got This content/sponsorspages/sponsorscomponents/sponsors
Merch Merch listing and pages content/merchpages/merchcomponents/merch


We always welcome contributions to further improve the You Got This platform, or to edit/improve content. To participate, you must abide by the You Got This! Code of Conduct.

Before contributing, please take a look at our contributing guidelines, which summarizes the different types of contributions we accept.


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