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Quick Demo

This demo allows you to login and see pocketnuxt in action. This is hosted on a small droplet in DigitalOcean using systemctl.

Pocket Nuxt

Nuxt3 and PocketBase delivered in a simple binary that can run anywhere.

This is achieved by compiling the Nuxt app into a static hosted folder and then using Go to serve the static files and pocketbase api.

//go:embed all:.output/public
var public embed.FS

Make it your own by extending Pocketbase and adding your app to the app folder.


  • PocketBase
  • Nuxt3
  • PrimeVue
  • PrimeIcons

Run Locally

This will run both a Nuxt3 dev server with hot reload and a pocketbase instance with a authentication and an api ready to go.

Clone the project

  git clone https://github.com/j-wil/pocket-nuxt

Go to the project directory

  cd pocket-nuxt

Install dependencies

  yarn install

Start the server

  yarn dev
URL Function
localhost:8090/_/ pocketbase admin setup and log
localhost:8090/api/ pocketbase api
localhost:3000/ nuxt3 dev server

From there build your nuxt app as normal. Follow the pocketbase docs for more info on how to use pocketbase.


This will create a single binary containing Nuxt and PocketBase for deployment.

  yarn build:prod
  ./pocketnuxt serve --http "yourdomain.com:80" --https "yourdomain.com:443"

https://pocketbase.io/docs/going-to-production/ for more examples.



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