A Vue.js integration for Typed.js.

Typed.js is a library that types. Enter in any string, and watch it type at the speed you've set, backspace what it's typed, and begin a new sentence for however many strings you've set.


npm install --save vue-typed-js

Default import

Install the component:

import Vue from 'vue'
import { VueTypedJs } from 'vue-typed-js'


⚠️ A css file is included when importing the package. You may have to setup your bundler to embed the css in your page.

Browser import

<link rel="stylesheet" href="vue-typed-js/dist/vue-typed-js.css"/>

<script src="vue.js"></script>
<script src="vue-typed-js/dist/vue-typed-js.browser.js"></script>

The plugin should be auto-installed. If not, you can install it manually with the instructions below.

Install all the components:



To get started simply add the vue-typed-js custom element to your template and pass the text, which should be typed to the strings property. In addition you need to pass an element with the class typing to the slot, which will be used as a wrapper.

Minimal setup:

<vue-typed-js :strings="['First text', 'Second Text']">
  <h1 class="typing"></h1>

The typing class also allows you to just animate certain parts of a string:

<vue-typed-js :strings="['John', 'James']">
  <h1>Hey <span class="typing"></span></h1>


You can make use of the following properties in order to customize your typing expirience:

Property Type Description Usage
strings Array strings to be typed :strings="['Text 1', 'Text 2']"
stringsElement String ID of element containing string children :stringsElement="'myId'"
typeSpeed Number type speed in milliseconds :typeSpeed="50"
startDelay Number time before typing starts in milliseconds :startDelay="1000"
backSpeed Number backspacing speed in milliseconds :backSpeed="10"
smartBackspace Boolean only backspace what doesn't match the previous string :smartBackspace="true"
shuffle Boolean shuffle the strings :shuffle="true"
backDelay Number time before backspacing in milliseconds :backDelay="100"
fadeOut Boolean Fade out instead of backspace :fadeOut="true"
fadeOutClass String css class for fade animation :fadeOutClass="'fadeOutClass'"
fadeOutDelay Boolean fade out delay in milliseconds :fadeOutDelay="true"
loop Boolean loop strings :loop="true"
loopCount Number amount of loops :loopCount="3"
showCursor Boolean show cursor :showCursor="true"
cursorChar String character for cursor :cursorChar="'_'"
autoInsertCss Boolean insert CSS for cursor and fadeOut into HTML :autoInsertCss="true"
attr String attribute for typing Ex: input placeholder, value, or just HTML text :attr="'placeholder'"
bindInputFocusEvents Boolean bind to focus and blur if el is text input :bindInputFocusEvents="true"
contentType String 'html' or 'null' for plaintext :contentType="'html'"


You can listen to the following events:

Event Description Usage
onComplete All typing is complete @onComplete="doSmth()"
preStringTyped Before each string is typed @preStringTyped="doSmth()"
onStringTyped After each string is typed @onStringTyped="doSmth()"
onLastStringBackspaced During looping, after last string is typed @onLastStringBackspaced="doSmth()"
onTypingPaused Typing has been stopped @onTypingPaused="doSmth()"
onTypingResumed Typing has been started after being stopped @onTypingResumed="doSmth()"
onReset After reset @onReset="doSmth()"
onStop After stop @onStop="doSmth()"
onStart After start @onStart="doSmth()"
onDestroy After destroy @onDestroy="doSmth()"


Checkout features like type pausing, smart backspacing etc. on the libraries page.


Here are several examples:

<!-- infinite loop -->
<vue-typed-js :strings="['awesome', 'brilliant']" :loop="true" @onComplete="doSmth()">
  <h2>We are a <span class="typing"></span> company!</h2>

<!-- type pausing -->
<vue-typed-js :strings="['This is text ^1000 which gets paused for 1 second', 'wow, interesting']">
  <h2 class="typing"></h2>

<!-- output html -->
<vue-typed-js :strings="['<p>Paragraph</p>', '<span>Span</span>']" :contentType="'html'">
  <h2 class="typing"></h2>